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One Minute Pitch

Metz Octagon Advanced Manufacturing, is developing end-to-end engineering and manufacturing solutions to help aerospace, automotive and medical companies reduce project costs and lead times without compromising quality with our streamlined manufacturing processes and technological prowess. We compete in the growing rapid tooling and prototyping market, which is approximately USD 13 Bn value market, and expected to reach a value of USD 32 Bn. We excel in agility, customer focus and tailored solutions that surpass expectations. Currently we have industry-leading expertise, global production partners and state-of-the-art software and machinery. We are looking for high value projects to challenge and exceed industry benchmarks.



About the company

Metz Octagon was established in 2019, and is staffed with a team possessing over a decade of experience in the fields of machining, plastic injection, and additive manufacturing. Situated in Istanbul, Metz Octagon Advanced Manufacturing is a vertically integrated firm dedicated to simulation and engineering, prototyping, and pre-production manufacturing. The company possesses advanced capabilities in Additive Manufacturing (LPBF-M) and CNC, and leverages top-tier engineering and machining professionals to achieve excellence in innovation, creativity, and problem-solving.

Through a hybrid approach to problem-solving, MOAM delivers innovative and customized solutions to clients in the automotive and performance motorsports industries. The company provides a range of cutting-edge technologies including additive manufacturing, 3-axis and 5-axis CNC machining, and injection molding for prototyping.

Meet The Team

Metehan Karagöz

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Co-founder & Production Manager 

Hasan Gökhan Akerdem

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Co-Founder & Project-Sales Manager 

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