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Plastic Injection

- Low Volume Serial Production

- The right solution to quickly produce parts for only specific tests with the right raw material

- Multiple parts with one mold using turable gates

- Hybrid Molding

- LSR 

- Overmolding

- Insert Molding

- 2K injection Molds

Hybrid Molding

What is Hybrid molding?

  • When the demand arises for injection molds intended for low-quantity production, particularly when there is a requirement to utilize original raw materials, opting for the short-term approach with lower price

  • The blue zones depicted in the image correspond to the connection plates intricately designed by Metz Octagon. These plates are engineered to facilitate the fastest transition to T0 level.

  • The integrated system has a topology that will grow as the product sizes grow, and as it gets smaller, it has a topology.

  • Our average T0 production time is 4-10 days.

  • Reaching T0 point may vary according to the part structure, polishing quality and machine occupancy.

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